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ama_wow's Journal

Ask Me Anything - World of Warcraft Style!
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Random Questions About WoW
Welcome to ama_wow! What is this community all about? It's after the style of ask_me_anything - a community for you to ask questions about WoW and hopefully get some good answers and discussion.

What qualifies as a good post to this community? Well, basically, anything in regards to World of Warcraft, but it can be about lore, about what to do in WoW-related friendships, about your guild, etc. You get the point, yes? It has to be about World of Warcraft.

The Rules and Other Important Information (a.k.a. You need to read this)

- Shouldn't have to be said, but be awesome to one another.

- No questions about things that break the ToS of Blizzard Entertainment - that includes, but is not limited to: private servers, gold buying, power levelling services. (Specifically: No questions on how to obtain anything like this, etc.)

- Posts need to be in question format. No pimping of an achievement, rare mount/pet, your character, etc.

- Posts need to be in standard colour/format. This means, no changing the size, no changing the colour, no changing the font face.

- Along similar lines, try to make your posts as coherent as possible and spell as best as you can. No chat/text speak, please.

- No deleting/screening comments, unless given permission by the moderation team.

- Deleting posts is generally not a good thing, especially if you're doing so because you're not getting the responses you wanted.

These will most likely be updated and cleaned up a bit as time goes on, so check in here often!

I support giving people a few chances, but if a poster proves themselves incapable of following the rules and whatnot, they will be removed from the community. Spam bots and the bad type of troll (i.e. the ones who aren't Trolls in WoW) will be banned without multiple chances, though.