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pirogoeth wrote in ama_wow
I asked awhile ago if people thought that Death Knights and other Forsaken could develop attachments and feelings for others, and the conclusion was yes, they could. Now I have a similar question for you, but flipped:

Do you think it's possible for living people to develop romantic feelings for Death Knights/Forsaken? I specify romantic because I would assume there are a lot of people who would maintain the feelings of friendship or feelings one has for family even if they were Forsaken/Death Knights now. :P (Not all, obviously, would, but you know what I mean!)

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Do you think it's possible for living people to develop romantic feelings for Death Knights/Forsaken?

When it comes to feelings, people do strange (some might say stupid) things. Women still in love with the men who beat them comes to mind. Falling in lust with a DK seems less worse than falling into love/staying in love with a man who hits you.

The primary reason I asked this question, actually, is because on Moon Guard, where I used to RP, an old acquaintance - who played a womanizer and pretty much a sex addict (because he's male, and that's how all men are, hyuck *cringe*), but also a Priest - got into a romantic relationship with a Death Knight female.

When we all were like "But...your character can't go more than a day without a sexual relationship, is that going to work?" her response was, "Sometimes love makes other things worth passing up on." Fair enough, we all could buy that and understand that. But we just recently found out that they actually were, uh, evidently being sexually active with each other, and we all cringed and groaned. Primarily, because we all defined being a Death Knight as not having a beating heart and thus no warm blood pumping through your veins, so their bodies would probably actually be rather...uh...cold. And uh...*Cringe*

(This is made all the more amusing that the Death Knight this person's character is involved with is Frost spec...brb lolling forever...)

ANYWAY, so I don't think it would necessarily always be a bad choice for a living person to become involved with a Death Knight/Forsaken, nor would it always be a bad relationship. But I do think there would be limitations to what they would be able to do.

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