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An RP question!
Surma and Raynard (Gunnerkrigg Court)
pirogoeth wrote in ama_wow
Do you think that Forsaken/Death Knights are capable of romantic feelings/relationships? Why or why not?

Inspired by an acquaintance who had her (living) character (who had joined the Argent Crusade) enter into a romantic relationship with a Death Knight.

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I've worked with my death knight very lovingly and would like to think that after she broke free, after all of her endeavors she relearned how to feel and is a new elf. :)

I dunno, I've never been clear on how much DKs are still in their right mind, what with being controlled by the LK to do his bidding. But if the DK is in possession of a functioning mind, I don't see why not. If it's post opening-quest-line especially. Maybe there's a sliding scale of recovery, like maybe some manage to get most of their old personality back, and maybe some end up permanently distant and unable to form emotional bonds. But since they have volition, I think it'd be possible.

Aren't DKs supposed to also be undead though? That's more of a hurdle to my mental process, lol. I guess it's a squick.

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