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Holiday PvP
denialgreen wrote in ama_wow
What do you think of holiday achievements that require you to do battlegrounds? If you don't usually PvP, do you dread them? Or if you love PvP, do you hate the influx of people who just want their achievement? Did holiday PvP introduce you to PvP?

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this perfectly sums up my feelings:

ahahaha that is perfect! honestly, I think the EotS part of the achievement is deeply flawed, because it encourages bad strategy.

Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch- encourages people to D the flagroom and kill efc. helpful!
Assault a flag in Arathi Basin- makes people cap/recap nodes, and once they've done it they'll D. helpful!
Assault a tower in Alterac Valley- makes people down towers/bunkers (or they trade caps with the enemy, but there's enough people it doesn't make much difference). not unhelpful!
Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm- FFFFFF YOU CAN'T CAP THE FLAG IF WE HAVE NO BASES

Totally this. Dragon killers GTFO of my PVP plz!

I don't usually PVP, but I did for Noblegarden whilst looking for a female orc. I got cussed a lot and called a noob, and even with all that hassle, I didn't find an orc. (Though, I did get one eventually, outside Orgrimmar.)

My reaction to battlegrounds: chaos. I kind of wish I knew some tactics because they do seem like a lot of fun if you aren't dying every 10 seconds.

If you want to PVP the post right after this one has some good strats. Also get at least the crafted pvp gear to get yourself some resilience. As you get more honor, replace the crafted gear. Also I'd recommend arena for points. That way you can get your conquest points and get the full conquest gear for the battlegrounds. I can usually stomp people when i'm running by myself, and if i have 1 or 2 guildies with me we always win the bg.

I don't mind the holiday achievements or find them particularly hard to complete since I have pvp gear on almost all of my characters. I think they are a terrible idea though, because someone is going to end up pissed off. It just ends up with a lot of inner faction fighting (and some between the factions, but bg chat is almost always brutal).

I honestly think they should change it to "Win one AV, EOTS, AB, and WSG with your orphan out". That way people are actually trying to win instead of complete stupid objectives, but it also gets the non-pvpers participating in an aspect of the game they normally wouldn't (which, I assume is Blizzard's intention)

As I see it, it's always going to piss off PvPers and PvEers alike, because you're either enduring some extreme stupidity from your team or you're fighting the opposite faction and your team mates for objectives only one person can complete.

I am a terrible person, so I use Children's Week to rack up honour. Farm PvEers, win battlegrounds capping bases people don't care about due to chasing down singular objectives, generally give up on enjoying the challenge of PvP and be That Douche Retridin who mauls orphan-escorts on sight.

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