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pirogoeth wrote in ama_wow
I made a post yesterday in regards to reclaiming a name I used to have. My very first toon when I got my own account was a Human Paladin named Iridia. When free transfers opened up from my server to a new server way back in TBC, I had long since retired her for my Druid (because back in Vanilla, Paladins were and decided I wanted to free up the character slot and transferred her off. I didn't even think to reserve the name, despite having liked it so much.

Recently, I got the itch to start a Priest and wanted the name. But I knew it had long since been taken by someone else. Except I hadn't noticed them log in since I added them to my friend's list almost a year before. So I petitioned a GM (as the post suggests) and waited. But I am not a patient person, so I went ahead and created a Gnome Priest while I was waiting, and named her Chickpea.

Well lo and behold, last night, Iridia was freed up for use! Huzzah!! I honestly thought I would have to petition a GM a few times to get the name, so I was thrilled that I got it on the first shot! Except now...I have Chickpea, the little Gnome Priest. Except when I get her to 15, I have to stop because I agreed to play with one of my husband's characters. The one catch is that he's rarely played this character and I'm not sure how often he'll want to play this character. But it's something for he and I to do together in the game, so I don't want to just level past him.

Husband and my best friend suggested I make Iridia into a Human Paladin, like she was before, but part of me has really been wanting to play a Priest, not a Paladin. So ugghh, I'm torn.

Here are my options:

1.) I keep Chickpea to play with my husband but make Iridia into a Gnome Priest, as well, to play when I want.

2.) I make Iridia into a Paladin and continue to level Chickpea as a Priest, either by myself or with my husband.

What would YOU do?

(And yes, I know this is a silly/stupid post and ultimately, it's my decision, but I would love some opinions on the matter on what you would personally choose to do.)

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